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Hi friends!

I am so thankful that you decided to stop by and check out Style Worthy’s very first blog post! Woohoo! Y’all, this has been in the works for a long time and I am so excited to finally get started. I wanted to use this first post to talk about how Style Worthy came about, it’s purpose, and my hopes for this blog. I also wanted to share part of mine and Kevin’s journey up to this point and how it has inspired me to finally live out my passion.

So for the last two years, life has been interesting to say the very least. But in the best way. Kevin and I met on New Years day 2016, were engaged by New Years Eve 2016, and got married September 2017. What can I say, when you know you know, right? (You can read a little more about our story over in the About section!)  Kevin is an Air Force pilot and was sent to Little Rock for his first assignment, and let me just tell you, the last year and a half has been FULL of lessons learned. I’ve had to learn how to be independent all over again, how to make new friends, how to make it in a big-ish city (and a corporate environment), how to be away from my close-knit family, and how to deal with this minor detail called deployment. It. Is. Hard. But it’s so worth it. Before I keep going though, I want to share some of our amazzzinngg engagement photos by the super talented Anna Fogle. (If you’re in the Oklahoma/Arkansas area and need a super awesome photographer, you should check her out).  These were taken in Petit Jean, Arkansas, and this place was truly magical. Who knew Arkansas was such a beautiful place? Anna even found us an airstrip to shoot on.  Those photos turned out to be our favorites and it was totally spontaneous!




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Pretty great right??

Anyway, military life. It’s hard. Between deployments, training trips, the moves every 4 years or so, and just the fact that it’s a dangerous job, it can get pretty stressful. And I’m not going to lie, I’ve let it get to me more than once. So you’re probably wondering what this has to do with blogging and fashion…

Fashion is something that I have loved since I could walk. I love how the right outfit makes me feel like I can take on anything life throws at me. I love that style is different for all of us and that it is an extension of who we are. So with this blog, it is my desire to help women discover their personal style, inspire them daily, and to help them learn to feel beautiful in what they put on their bodies.  Oddly enough, this military lifestyle has finally given me the opportunity to do just that. (Not to mention, Kevin has been the MOST supportive husband…he’s even taking all of my photos while he’s still here! He’s the sweetest.) With this blog, not only will I be able to share my passion and help others, but it will give me something positive to focus on while Kevin is gone. It’s something that I can take with me no matter where this crazy life takes us next. While the main purpose of Style Worthy will be to inspire style and self confidence, I hope that it will also be an encouragement to other military spouses and families who know the struggle all too well.

September 23, 2017 at Garvan Gardens – Hot Springs, AR

_ABP1875 2_ABP1410_ABP2096_ABP1833_ABP1426_ABP1748_ABP1286_ABP1810

I’m sad to say Kevin will be deploying in January for 4 months (this will be our first full deployment). It probably won’t be easy, and it definitely won’t be pretty most days. But I wouldn’t trade this adventure for the world. I hope you’ll stick with me through this journey, and maybe you’ll find a little inspiration and encouragement along the way.

Thanks so much for taking time to stop by today, and I promise next time we’ll talk more about style and what I’m wearing this holiday season. On that note, be sure to soak up all that family time in the coming days. Merry Christmas guys!



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