Deployment Week 1 + My New Favorite Jacket

I don’t know about y’all, but I have never been so happy to see Friday. This has been the longest, most difficult week that I can remember having, and I’m just really glad it’s over to say the least. Between Kevin leaving and work life and being slightly under the weather, it’s just been a lot. I’m one week in and have already learned a lot about what this season of life is going to be like.


So just to give you something to relate to if you’re reading this and aren’t a military spouse, deployment is turning out to be a lot like my first semester of college. “Lost” is a good word for how I’m feeling. I’ve had to learn all over again how to do things for myself. Things that I have taken for granted over the last year and a half with Kevin. I will say, he spoils me SO much, and I didn’t realize just how much until this week. I’m having to do things like take out the garbage, grocery shop alone, cook for one, pay the bills, take care of everything the dogs might need. I know, you’re probably thinking I sound like a spoiled brat right about now haha, but don’t get me wrong. I did those things while Kevin was here too, but they had become joint tasks. Now I’m doing it all by myself again, and it really is exhausting. Not quite sure how I did it before he came along haha. It’s a super sad time, but it’s also making me realize how unbelievably lucky and blessed I am to have Kevin.


I am slowly learning how to do this deployment thing, one day at a time. A few things I’ve learned this week are as follows:


Be patient with myself. It’s hard. And nobody expects me to be good at it.

Spend time with friends and stay busy. As hard as it is to go out and do things, I absolutely have to.

Read uplifting things. God’s Word and my devotionals are getting me through the toughest moments.

Give myself time to be sad and cry. I do this at least once a day for my sanity (which is weird because I’m not really a cryer). Hopefully this doesn’t last four months, but right now it’s super therapeutic.


Stare at your phone 24/7. WiFi is super hard to come by for him, so not getting a message every 5 minutes like I’m used to only adds to the stress. Step away from the phone.

Think the worst. Again, not hearing from him makes it hard not to worry, but I know I have to be positive and trust that he’s really good at what he does. He is safe.

Feel alone. There are so many people out there that understand the struggle.


Obviously something else that helps me during this time is dressing up and talking about fashion, so of course I have to share my favorite new addition to my closet! Before Kevin left he bought me this super cute velvet bomber and I am in love with it! It is so versatile, so it can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn it to work with black dress pants, over a cute swing dress (see my Insta story highlights!), and I’ve styled it two different ways on this post. Not only is it perfect for this time of year, but the color and lightweight material makes it great for spring time too! There’s nothing better for your wardrobe than pieces that can be worn across seasons. Keep scrolling for all the outfit details!

fullsizeoutput_1a1ffullsizeoutput_1a1dfullsizeoutput_1a38fullsizeoutput_1a39fullsizeoutput_19c3fullsizeoutput_19c4fullsizeoutput_19c8fullsizeoutput_19c9fullsizeoutput_19cdI’m so glad that you stopped by today! I’d love to know of any tips you have for staying positive during difficult seasons. Or if you’re a military spouse, more specifically how you handle deployments and stay strong through this time of separation from the one you love. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo Hayley

Outfit Details:Velvet Bomber Jacket (more here) | Chambray Button Down (similar here) | Jac Vanek Graphic Tee (shop more graphic tees) | Distressed Jeans | Booties | Chenille Beanie | Smartwatch | Sunglasses (find them in this post!)

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