It’s Definitely Still Sweater Weather

Black sweater, suede skirt & over the knee boots

Happy Tuesday everybody! I am especially excited for this Tuesday because it’s my first (and probably only) snow day of 2018! It seems that snow has skirted every side of Arkansas this winter, so I am thrilled to finally see some fall in Little Rock. On that note, it is cold out there, y’all. It is still very much sweater weather. However, I’ve seen SO much content over the last several days geared towards spring fashion already. I mean, I went to school for fashion, so I know how the seasons work. It’s not quite the same as an actual season and it isn’t based on the weather. But if it’s 15 degrees in Little Rock, Arkansas (the south) I KNOW it’s cold almost everywhere else in the country. So I cannot bring myself to talk about spring just yet. Instead, I’m going to share one of my favorite sweaters with you guys and talk a little about how I styled it!

Black sweater, suede skirt & over the knee boots

Black sweater, suede skirt & over the knee boots

Black sweater, suede skirt & over the knee boots

over the knee boots & bag

Sweaters are my all time favorite staple for the winter months, but it seems like a lot of people get stuck on how to style them. Most of the time, I just see them paired with jeans or leggings and that’s about it. Which is great, I love a good pair of jeans. But there are so many other ways to wear them and style them to get maximum use out of what you have in your closet. So instead of buying a hundred sweaters every winter, buy a few great ones and wear them different ways. The one that I’m wearing here (a Christmas gift from my sweet mother-in-law!) looks great with jeans, but to dress it up a little, I paired it with a fun suede skirt and my favorite over the knee boots.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to play around with textures. Mix a chunky knit (like this sweater) with velvet pants or a leather skirt. It makes for a really interesting and stylish look!

As far as accessories go, less is always more in my opinion. Looking at the blank canvas that is this solid black sweater, you immediately think “I need a necklace.” But you really don’t! Instead, try a pair of fun tassel earrings, put a few curls in your hair, and pick a bag with a little bit of color. The split sleeve detail also gives it a little something extra, so you really don’t need to try too hard with a sweater like this one (those are the best kind, am I right?). Just like that, you’ve taken your casual daytime sweater to the perfect date night/girls’ night out look!

Black sweater, suede skirt & over the knee boots

Black sweater, suede skirt & over the knee boots

Black sweater, suede skirt & over the knee boots

Black sweater, suede skirt & over the knee boots

tassel earrings

What are your favorite winter staples? How do you style them? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section below! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and if you’re lucky enough to have a snow day, take advantage of it! Enjoy it! I know I’m going to 😉

xo Hayley

Outfit Details: Chunky Knit Sweater (on sale and comes in two colors!) | Suede Skirt (similar here) | Over the Knee Boots (similar here) | Bag (similar here) | Tassel Earrings

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