Why It’s OK To Not Define Your Style

Happy Friday friends! Another week down, 16 more to go until Kevin comes home. Easy right? Yeah, sure we’ll go with that. My parents are coming to visit this weekend so I am super excited for some much needed family time and a distraction. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about my own personal style as well as share a couple of my favorite pieces I’ve found this season. Keep scrolling for all the details!




So a question that I have gotten numerous times throughout my life, whether it was during a job interview or while talking with friends, is “how would you define your style?” While most people can easily say “classic” or “girly” or “minimal” I’ve always had a hard time coming up with just one word to describe my personal style, because to be honest, it is constantly changing. While I definitely tend to lean more towards neutrals and interesting textures, I don’t really have a name for it. One day my style may be more chic or classic, and other days it could be minimal or a little more girly. And I’m totally ok with it! Keep reading to see why you should be too!




You don’t have to put yourself (or your style) in a box. It really gives you so much freedom with your wardrobe. Of course, you want to have the basics, the closet staples: A pair of quality denim jeans, layering tees, cardigans, your go-to black booties, etc. But you also want to be able to add fun and interesting pieces (like this super cool metallic leather jacket!) that let you mix things up every once in a while. If you restrict yourself to a specific style, it really makes it hard to incorporate trends that you may fall in love with later. How are you going to pair all of your bright, girly kimonos with those super cool studded, black leather skinnies you’ve been eyeing? (If you figure it out, let me know!)

Imagine having a closet full of one specific style and then deciding a year later you want to try something totally different that doesn’t go with anything in your closet. You’re probably going to have a hard time finding things that pair well together unless you buy several new pieces. I don’t know about you, but I’m a one piece at a time kind of shopper, not a shopping spree kind of shopper. Meaning I can’t afford to replace my entire closet at once. It really just comes down to balance. Don’t get hung up on one trend or one style, even if in the moment you think you need all the chenille sweaters (guilty). I promise it’s way more fun if you give yourself options!

Fashion is constantly changing. Why shouldn’t you? New trends pop up every single year. How do you know you’re not going to want to try the next big thing? If you have a versatile wardrobe to begin with, you can easily add new things to it each season. And just to be real, you shouldn’t HAVE to define your style. If you can, and you love it, then that’s great. But if you’re having a hard time, and you feel like your look changes depending on which way the wind blows, just know that it’s totally ok, and you are not alone! I think it’s way more fun that way. And way easier on your bank account. Moral of the story: Do what you want, wear what you want. Don’t feel pressured to stick to one thing.


Now I want to talk a little bit about this outfit that I am in love with! This jacket was on my wish list forever (also talked about it in this post) and I finally got it for Christmas! It’s one of those statement pieces that I was talking about that really only works because I have a versatile wardrobe. It’s also one of those things that I wouldn’t want like five different versions of. Otherwise it would just hang my closet, and that would be a tragedy. I mean look at it. And can we talk about these velvet joggers for a second? LOVE. I unashamedly wear these to work at least once a week. They are so so comfortable, they go with just about everything, and they can be dressed up or down. AND they’re velvet. AND they have pockets. What’s not to love?



fullsizeoutput_18e8-3I am so thankful that you stopped by on this chilly Friday! How would you define your style? Or if you’re like me, and can’t really put your finger on it, what is your favorite look right now? I’d love to hear from you below in the comment section! Hope you all have the best weekend with the ones you love, and hope to see you here next time!

xo Hayley

Outfit Details: Metallic Faux Leather Jacket (similar here) | Velvet Joggers (similar here) | Ribbed Layering Tee | Booties (similar here) | Earrings

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