Spring Cleaning: Tips for an Effective Closet Clean-Out

Hey there lovely people! It is almost that time again. The dreaded spring cleaning to-do list is looming and you’re wondering where to start. Let me help you out: Your closet. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing I love more than a clean slate, and for me, that starts with a clean closet. Think about it. It’s most likely the smallest room in the house, (if it’s not, hi, let’s be friends) and it’s definitely the fullest. And personally, I spend A LOT of time in there, so for my own sanity, I need it to be clean and organized. I need to be able to see what I have and put together an outfit pretty quickly. So today I want to help you tackle the ultimate closet clean-out. It will leave you feeling accomplished, relieved, and hopefully it’ll eliminate some of that stress when you’re trying to get ready in the mornings.

  • First things first. Go ahead and pull everything out from your dresser drawers (shorts, tees, whatever else might be hiding in there) and lay it out so you can see what you’re working with. You might as well go ahead and do the same with your coat closet and any other storage space you use for your clothing. If you need to take everything out that’s hanging in your closet, you can do that, but you don’t have to if you’re able to see everything easily.
  • Ok here’s my golden rule: If you haven’t worn it in one year, no matter the season, get rid of it. I know this is SO hard. I am totally the type of person that gets emotionally attached to things that my mom bought me or that Kevin bought me, so I have a really hard time with this. But you can do it. Don’t sit there and say to yourself “but I might wear it this year.” Don’t do it. Just get rid of it. You most likely won’t even miss it. It is honestly so freeing to get rid of the clutter.
  • When I say get rid of it, I don’t necessarily mean throw it out. Make three piles: Sell. Donate. Throw away. If it still has the tags on it, try and make a few bucks off of it! Just be honest about the amount of wear you’ve gotten out of it, what you originally paid, and how it fits. I would recommend selling on a site like Poshmark. Or Facebook and Insta stories work really well for some people too. You can try places like Plato’s Closet that will give you cash on the spot, but I don’t recommend taking nicer items there because they either won’t take it or they’ll give you like $5 for an Anthropologie top. Then you’ve just wasted time and gas. No thanks. What you choose to donate or throw away is totally up to you. Just make sure whatever you decide to donate doesn’t end up sitting in the back of your car for months (guilty).
  • Once you have everything sorted, take the time to put what you’re keeping back in an organized way. You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing this, but if you organize your wardrobe and stick to it, I promise it will make getting ready in the mornings so much easier.  For me, I choose to order everything by sleeve length. I start with sleeveless things in the front, then short sleeves, then long sleeves, and then layering pieces like cardigans and light jackets. You can go even further and break it up into casual and work clothes too. Some people organize it by color, prints, etc. Do what works for you. Remember, this is all to make YOUR life easier!
  • One of the best things about cleaning out your closet? You just made room for more clothes! 😛

Take these tips and get to it! (and keep scrolling for outfit details!)


Now can we talk about this jumpsuit for a second? And how it matches perfectly with the cute little street cars in downtown Little Rock?! In. Love. This beauty is probably gong to stay in my closet forever, for every season. I rarely get rid of jumpsuits unless it has a crazy pattern or some detail that I’m over. I love how versatile they are. For example, I can wear this one in the winter with an oversized sweater, creating a totally different outfit. In the spring I’ll wear it alone or with a light jacket over it. This jumpsuit is SO comfortable and classic. The silhouette is loose and flowy, plus the vertical stripes make it super flattering.  Sadly, this one from Anthropologie is sold out 😦 but I’m going to tag some similar ones below!

Jumpsuits I’m Loving:

Madewell Striped Cami Jumpsuit (this one’s on sale!)

UO Button-Down Jumpsuit (i really want this one!)

Madewell Floral Jumpsuit (on sale, but almost sold out!)

Asos Slinky Jumpsuit (a great closet staple)

Asos Striped Wide Leg Jumpsuit (this one is very similar to mine. extremely flattering!)

Asos Crepe Striped Jumpsuit (love the cropped leg on this one!)

Anthropologie Burgundy Striped Jumpsuit

Happy spring cleaning (and shopping!)

xo Hayley

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Tips for an Effective Closet Clean-Out

  1. Will Godfrey’s grandmother here. I just wanted to tell you that the wedding picture of you an d your husband was absolutely the prettiest one I have ever seen! Your dress was so classy and beautiful that I could not quit looking at it. Have a happy wonderful life. Best wishes, Jane Godfrey


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