My Favorite Summer Shorts

Oh hello again, Friday! And hello lovely people!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and have a fun and/or relaxing weekend ahead! I’ve spent the week at my parents’ house in Mississippi so that I can go to all the baseball games and also in hopes of making the days go by a little bit faster. It has been so nice to just hang out and enjoy some good quality time with the fam. Well, we are several days into April, and warm weather is trying really hard to hang around. Even though the high for Saturday is supposed to be in the 50s. Like I said, it’s trying. Mississippi weather is so weird.

Now that it is actually getting warm outside, it’s time to start pulling out the summer time staples. Even if you can’t wear them just yet, you can at least take inventory and see what you might need to get rid of (check out my tips on cleaning out your closet in this post!) or buy more of. There’s nothing I love more than an excuse to go shopping 😉 Is there one piece of clothing that comes to mind when you think of summer? For me, it’s shorts. Probably because I really do not like most of the ones available. I tend to be pretty modest with what I choose to put on my body, and let’s be real, in today’s society that is HARD. Sadly, most of the shorts that are being sold and advertised are super short cutoff things that might as well be denim underwear, am I right? Not only are they extremely revealing, but they’re also so uncomfortable! Guys. Can somebody please explain to me why so many girls want to be pulling their shorts out of their you-know-whats all day everyday?! I just don’t get it. I honestly wish I could just wear jeans or pants year round, but it gets HOT down here in the south, ya know?

So on that note, today I’m sharing how I shop for shorts and the styles that I prefer to buy in order to stay covered but also cute and comfortable.

**This post contains affiliate links, meaning I receive commission for clicks made through some of the links in this post at no cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Wrap top and denim shortsWrap top and denim shortsWrap top and denim shortsWrap top and denim shorts


When I go shopping for shorts, the first thing I look at is the length. If they aren’t going to cover my entire booty, I’m not even going to try. I’m not talking like Bermuda shorts, but they do make plenty of cute midi length shorts like the ones I have on in these photos. They are a little longer, but you can cuff them if you want to take off just a little bit of length. These actually came cuffed but they weren’t sewn down, so I just turned them down one time to add a little more length.


The next thing I look at is the waist. I almost always prefer a high waist in all of my bottoms, especially shorts. You can tuck things in, you aren’t constantly pulling them up, and they just look classic, in my opinion. They’re also perfect for pairing with the ever popular crop tops this time of year.

Fit & Silhouette

When looking at fit, I always want to go for something stretchy or flowy. If they’re denim shorts, I definitely do not want them to be super tight. I try to go for a lightweight denim with good stretch. If they aren’t denim, I love a light, flowy fabric that drapes well and doesn’t cling to the body. One of my favorite styles of shorts right now are the paperbag waist shorts (see the guide below). I think they are so flattering, and they almost always come in a nice, comfortable fabric. These are really great to dress up with wedges for a dinner date!

Prints & Styles

I really like to have a good variety of shorts in my summer wardrobe. Denim is great, but you can only have so many denim shorts. Mix it up with colored denim, fun prints (floral and stripes are a must), pleats, and details like ruffles and belts. I’m also really loving skorts lately. I promise they make ones way cute than what your mom used to make you wear back in elementary school. (🙋🏻‍♀️ anybody else?) They are such a cute take on shorts, plus they usually come in fun prints and fabrics too!

Below, I’ve shared a guide to all the different styles of shorts I’m loving this year!

Wrap top and denim shortsWrap top and denim shortsWrap top and denim shortsWrap top and denim shorts

About This Outfit

This outfit is going to be one that I wear over and over this season. I just purchased this wrap top from Madewell, and I am. in. love. with it. It is so comfy, fits great, and it’s just plain adorable. It comes in several other colors, and I am probably going to order another one soon. P.S. Madewell is having an awesome sale right now, and this top is included so you should really go check it out! I purchased these shorts last year in two colors because I really loved the fit. They have just enough stretch and provide the perfect amount of coverage. I know, I just shared this bag on Tuesday, but it really is so great for spring and summer. It’s a good budget friendly option if you’re like me and can’t or don’t want to spend a ton of money on a trendy designer bag. Also, I believe it was sold out at one point but it’s back in stock for now, so you should definitely go grab it while you can! These sandals are Matisse from a couple of years ago, so they don’t make them anymore, but if you’re looking for a good pair of sandals, I highly recommend this brand!

Wrap top and denim shortsWrap top and denim shortsWrap top and denim shortssummer-shorts-12Wrap top and denim shorts

Outfit Details:Top | Shorts | Bag | Necklace

Shorts I’m Loving for Summer

Summer shorts guide

  1. High Rise Denim Boy Shorts in Faded Black, Madewell
  2. High Rise Button Front Denim Shorts, Madewell
  3. High Rise Denim Shorts in Mauve, Madewell
  4. Polka Dot Pleated Shorts, Free People
  5. Night Watcher Skort, Free People
  6. Pull-On Tie Shorts, Madewell
  7. Paperbag Waist Shorts, Bishop + Young
  8. High Rise Patch Pocket Denim Shorts, Madewell

Do you have a shorts dilemma like me? What are your favorite brands/styles of shorts? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below! I really hope this helps you guys with your summer shopping! As always, thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time with me!



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